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Resources Abound for Alumni – How One Graduate Connected and So Can You

Resources Abound for Alumni – How One Graduate Connected and So Can You

by Haley Baron '16

The Randolph Alumni Portal is an exceptional tool for keeping alumni connected by offering many different resources with the click of a button. The problem? Most Randolph Alums have no idea that this system exists! For those of you that may not be familiar with our alumni portal or simply want to know the different elements that accompany the platform, this post is for you!






  1. Alumni Directory – Have you ever wanted to get in touch with a classmate but no longer have their contact information? Who knows, maybe you can’t even find them on social media! On our Alumni Directory, you can search for an individual by name and find multiple ways to get in touch and stay connected.
  1. School Calendar – Are you curious about upcoming events at Randolph? With access to our school calendar, planning to attend an event is easy! With the ability to search months in advance, you’ll never miss an exciting event again.
  1. Athletic Calendar – Do you want to support the sporting team you were on in high school? Check out upcoming games and locations on our athletic calendar. Don’t worry, with calendars that are updated regularly, you’ll be able stay informed if a game is cancelled last minute.
  1. Randolph Connect – Do you want to connect with someone about a career? Looking to reconnect with a faculty member? Are you needing to connect with someone for college advice? Have you simply exhausted all other options for reconnecting with classmates? If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions above, Randolph Connect is for you.
  1. Alumni Newsletters – Are you wondering about the latest happenings in the alumni community? Our Alumni Newsletters are an informative, quarterly newsletter with current happenings at Randolph, important information you need to know as an alum as well as upcoming events you will not want to miss!
  2. School Blogs – Written by students, faculty members, and even parents, our school blogs can offer Randolph Alumni insight into special stories and aspects of Randolph that may have been forgotten.
  3. Social Media Links – I know what you’re thinking, so I’ll answer it for you…YES! The Randolph Alumni Association has social media accounts that we want you to be a part of. With links to our Facebook page as well as our LinkedIn page, you will be better connected within the Randolph Alumni community.
Baron and her spouse, Oakley Baron '16, share a moment with their Kindergarten buddy at their wedding.
Baron and her spouse, Oakley Baron '16, share a moment with their Kindergarten buddy at their wedding.

As an alum myself, I had no idea that the resources listed above were at my fingertips. The Randolph Alumni Association is working so hard at engaging with all of us by implementing tools for our use. Now, it’s time for us to do our part. So, what are the next steps?

  • If you do not have a “MyRandolph” account or simply do not remember your login, submit this form to gather information and help.
  • If you do know your “MyRandolph” account information, login and visit the Randolph Alumni Portal.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or desire further information about the portal, contact Jill Gaunt, Director of Alumni Relations.

We look forward to seeing you on the Alumni Portal!

Haley Baron ‘16 is a Randolph graduate and current student at Samford University. She is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Spanish. Haley is excited to graduate in May and begin her career. 

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