Randolph School

Learning isn’t a test or a score, but an
approach to life.

Randolph opens doors to epic possibilities by providing students with the skills and structure for lifelong success, the confidence to experiment without fear of failure, and the unlimited imagination to pursue a broader life vision. Our students are not only prepared for acceptance to the higher education institutions of their choice, but also ready to flourish there.

"The study habits I developed and ability to form professional relationships made the transition to West Point much simpler."


"The Randolph community is a close-knit one, where students of all ages come out and support each other."


"Our teachers are not just teachers, they become mentors."


"Randolph has a very warm environment with a focus on community."


Epic Possibilities

Unique Electives & Activities

Randolph's extracurricular opportunities enrich the academic experience by mixing education, competition, and inspiration. These activities encourage all students to become more responsible, organized and focused while pursuing their passions.


Randolph athletics focus on commitment over convenience, balancing autonomy with responsibility and discipline. The goal is to provide a framework for reaching one’s full potential in every endeavor.


This annual, weeklong program allows students to explore interests outside of the classroom through mini-courses, travel, and job shadowing that provide remarkable exposure to real-world professional opportunities.

Independent Research

Students are not only taught how to conduct research, but also to locate resources while discerning the value of information sources — vital skills for success in college, and in an information-saturated world.

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