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Prepare for The World.

We believe that the exposure to new languages and cultures helps prepare our students to be globally-mindful citizens and empathic people. The mission of the World Languages Department is to empower students to communicate in a variety of contexts, to comprehend and respect cultures and languages, and to actively participate in the global community.

Language is a connection to people, history, and cultures.

Grades K-8

In Lower and Middle Schools, World Language teachers use a variety of techniques and tools to help students learn the alphabet and geography, build their vocabulary, understand proper grammar, and improve reading and comprehension. They are encouraged to openly speak the languages both in class and as they go about their daily lives.

Grades 9-12

All Upper School students are required to complete a sequence of courses for at least one language through the third level, meaning every graduate has the opportunity to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as build cultural understanding. There are course offerings for Spanish, French, and Latin, including Advanced Placement courses for all three languages.

Global Citizenship

Language is a connection to people, history, and presents an opportunity to promote greater tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others. In our global society with a growing percentage of people who are bilingual, it's important for students to develop language skills beyond English. At Randolph, students leave our program proficient and able to respect the cultures connected to the languages they learn.

Cognitive Benefits

As students consistently read, write, listen and speak other languages, they develop their short and long term memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. They also practice discipline, a characteristic that can translate into success in different subjects and other student life activities.

A Glimpse Into The Randolph Journey

National Spanish Exam Winners

In 2023, a total of 95 Middle School students were officially recognized for their achievements on the National Spanish Exam. The 7th and 8th graders earned a total of 31 Gold, 29 Silver, and 16 Bronze medals, with 19 honorable mentions. Additionally, four students earned perfect scores!

French Pledge of Allegiance

In Tyler Knickelbein's class, students recite the pledge of allegiance in French. Each day, students practice a routine that includes the pledge, reading the date and several sentences, asking and answering questions with their classmates, and digital activities and games.

World Language Honor Society

In 2023, 63 students were inducted into the National Junior Classical League Honor Society, the National French Honor Society, and the National Spanish Honor Society. Inductees have shown a true commitment to the study of language and culture. They have also made As for three consecutive semesters in the Upper School.

"La Familia"

Family trees, put together by 4th grade students, are on display in Roxy Vega's Spanish classroom. The students learned about all their family members and pets, along with adjectives to describe them in Spanish.

Castles in French Class

Castles are on display in the Middle School Library following a lesson and special class presentation. "In 5th grade French class, we studied Medieval castles and knights and learned vocabulary associated with buildings, animals, people, shapes, and colors," describes Teacher Whitney Painter.

Connecting with Other Countries

Students in the Spanish IV classes in the Upper School had an opportunity to practice their conversational Spanish speaking skills during a virtual session with an Embrera Quera village representative in Panama. Teacher Rosa Almodovar describes it as, "The beginning of a great cultural exchange and learning for the students."

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