Randolph School

Children are always learning, wherever they are, and from everyone around them.

Our Middle School program is known for the strong academic grounding and preparation that all students receive. Teachers, coaches, and advisors strive to help our students set high expectations, work cooperatively with others, find their passions and develop the enduring self-confidence that comes from engaging with the world and communities around us. Our program encourages intellectual growth and social development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why Attend Randolph Middle School?


Guaranteed Support

  • We offer a learning environment where students are personally valued and individually challenged.
  • Students are able to connect through the house and advisory system.
  • Dedicated members of our staff provide academic, social and emotional support.

"The study habits I developed and ability to form professional relationships made the transition to West Point much simpler."


"The Randolph community is a close-knit one, where students of all ages come out and support each other."


"Our teachers are not just teachers, they become mentors."


"Randolph has a very warm environment with a focus on community."


A Glimpse into the Randolph Journey.

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