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Alumni Association

The Randolph Alumni Association

All graduates of Randolph automatically become members of the Randolph Alumni Association as well as non-graduating students who wish to be included. The purpose of the organization is to support, connect, and engage alumni with one another and the School.

Randolph takes great pride in this truly incredible alumni community, and we encourage you to become part of this effort to give back and stay connected to the School.

Alumni Association Initiatives

Service Projects: Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement programs to support the School and the educational experience of existing Randolph students.

Social Engagement: Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement social events held on campus, regionally, and nationwide to grow connections amongst the alumni community and the School.

Professional Development: Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement professional development tools, events, and relationship-building opportunities to support the alumni community.

Alumni Portal: We look forward to staying connected with you. To set up a new account or if you're having issues accessing your account, please fill out this form to receive login instructions. If you have an existing account, you can click the button below to access the portal.

Stay Connected

We love keeping in touch with our alumni, and we want to hear about your latest news. Let us know what’s going on in your life! Updates could include marriages, new family additions, career advancements, accomplishments and/or awards, or any other general updates.

Alumni Happenings

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