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Randolph Connect

Collaborate with Huntsville's finest.

Randolph Connect is a program designed to build durable relationships between Randolph’s students, alumni, and faculty with the talented and creative individuals who live in the Huntsville community. We want to enhance independent research, internships, career exploration, experiential education, and other real-world learning opportunities by collaborating with individuals, businesses, nonprofits, government entities, military and other institutions in the Huntsville metropolitan area.

Join us for endless opportunities

You can mentor students and alumni. You can enrich the school experience by being a guest speaker, guest lecturer, or subject matter expert. You or your company could host a career exploration for a middle or upper school student, read to or teach a lower school class, or conduct professional development for members of our faculty or staff. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

If you are part of the greater Huntsville community and would like an invitation, please send us an email by clicking the button below.

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