Randolph School

Board of Trustees

Independent Governance

As an independent school, Randolph is governed by a Board of Trustees whose members serve the School on a voluntary basis. The Board is responsible for the Head of School, and its primary work is long-term and strategic. The Head of School, in partnership with School administration, is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management.

NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools, of which Randolph is a member, published these Principles of Good Practice for a school’s Board of Trustees.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assuring the relevance and fulfillment of the School’s mission
  • Hiring, supporting, and evaluating the Head of School
  • Securing the financial sustainability of the School

Board Members also lead and serve on five standing committees: Committee on Trustees, Finance, Operations, Strategic Planning, and Development.

Board of Trustees


Brian Pollock, Chair
Marshall Schreeder, Jr. '96, Vice-Chair
Leslie Cooper, Secretary
Laurence McCrary '88, Treasurer
Jay Rainey, Head of School

Amit Arora
Ana Byrne
Jay Chandler
Melissa Dodgen
Julie Gold
Rudy Hornsby
Pam Hudson

Raymond Jones, Jr. '88
Ann Laue
Foster McDonald
Scott Moore
Melanie Murray
Jean Penney
Allen Perkins

Moore Rhett III '70
Brandon Robinson '98
Tracy Sams
Bob Thurber
Andy Watson
Larry Landman, Trustee Emeritus

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