Randolph School

At Randolph, learning is a process, not
a destination.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had the freedom to explore your innate talents, experience exceptional opportunities, pursue deep, meaningful study, follow your natural curiosity, and think without limitations.

At Randolph, you will learn how to think, how to lead, and who you want to become as you:

Embrace your full potential by expanding your ambition and abilities through creative exploration and experiential learning, all while exhibiting good citizenship.

Gain fearless preparation for a purposeful future in an environment where it’s safe to take risks. Show initiative by exploring independent thought and pursuing academic challenges.

Create epic possibilities for success as you develop the skills and motivation to excel. With the confidence to experiment without fear of failure, you will cultivate an unlimited imagination to pursue a broader life vision.

“The Randolph community is a close-knit one, where students of all ages come out and support each other.”


“Our teachers are not just teachers, they become mentors.”


“The teachers care about you at Randolph, not just your grades and academic skills, but the friends and connections you make along the way.”


“Randolph has a very warm environment with a focus on community.”


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