Randolph School

We provide students with the skills and structure for lifelong success.

Randolph’s Upper School is an engaging, challenging environment for students in 9th through 12th grade. We are proud of our rigorous academic program, wide-ranging extracurricular activities, nurturing environment, and culture of trust. Each student experience is personal, but is defined by opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Annual Fund Science Class

One-of-a-kind college prep education with lifelong mentors.

Learning isn't a test or a score, but an approach to life.

We teach students not only how to conduct research, but also how to locate valid resources while discerning the value of information sources — vital skills for success in college, and in an information-saturated world. Through our weeklong Interim program, our students explore their interests outside of the classroom through travel and job shadowing that provides remarkable exposure to real-world professional opportunities. Additionally, all Randolph students value the student-led Honor System and participate in our advisory program.

As they progress, Upper School students are given the freedom to make choices that best fit their interests. Randolph’s extracurricular opportunities enrich the academic experience and encourage all students to become more responsible, organized and focused while pursuing their passions.

"The Randolph community is a close-knit one, where students of all ages come out and support each other."


"Our teachers are not just teachers, they become mentors."


"Randolph has a very warm environment with a focus on community."


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