Randolph School

Children should learn how to think,
not what to think.

By nurturing natural curiosity and encouraging an ability and eagerness to ask the right questions, we develop the critical thinking and reasoning skills necessary for success in every discipline and endeavor. Unafraid to reach beyond our grasp, Randolph learners embrace opportunities, accept difficulty and disappointment, and interpret failure as a chance for a new start.

The Randolph School Idea Path is our faculty-developed, research-based approach to learning to inspire critical thinking. The Idea Path consists of six main components: ask, imagine, plan, create, share, and improve. These elements are long-standing hallmarks of a Randolph education and are transferable to higher educational and professional settings.


We are a community of learners.

Here are the three types of learning we instill in our students.

Individual Learning

Knowledge of self is the foundation of education and character

  • Every child matters.
  • Critical thinking includes an eagerness to ask the right questions, read deeply, write persuasively, create imaginatively, and exercise the will to persevere through to the solution of any challenging problem.
  • Solitude spurs self-discovery and creativity.
  • Self-reflection and independent thinking are essential to develop the courage of one’s convictions.
Relational Learning
Learning for the Greater Good

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