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Randolph was founded with a commitment to educating students who are “willing and able to do good work.” At Randolph, we know that every child is unique across a range of personal attributes and qualities. We are proud of the work that we do at Randolph to continue to redefine the experience of education away from received notions of learning and of school. The world is changing too quickly now to cling to those notions.

We are proud that we are adaptable, and that by extension our students are adaptable – intellectually and socially nimble and flexible as they face a future that will only demand more nimbleness and flexibility of them. We are proud of the growth opportunities that we provide to our students, and proud of how thoroughly and energetically they maximize those opportunities, both individually and collectively.

We are not interested in the narrow question of what school is, or has always been; we are interested in the far more expansive and exciting question of what school can be.

- Jay Rainey, Head of School

About Jay Rainey

James E. Rainey Jr. joined the Randolph community in the summer of 2014 to serve as the ninth Head of School. Rainey’s appointment was the culmination of a nationwide search in which he emerged as the candidate with the values and experience to guide the School in the next phase of its growth and development as an excellent independent school. Rainey came from Norfolk Academy, Virginia, where he had served since 2002 and was most recently the Assistant Head for Academic Affairs. He holds degrees from Princeton University (A.B., Religion) and the College of William and Mary (M.A., American Studies). Jay and his wife, Ruth, have two children, Jed and Elizabeth.

Prior to Norfolk Academy, Rainey spent several years in Chicago and Richmond, where he founded and directed businesses providing educational software and services for educators and students. This entrepreneurial experience provided Rainey with unique perspectives and opportunities to understand the needs of 21st-century students.

“When we heard Jay eloquently describe his philosophy for 21st century education, we realized that we had our man.”


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