Randolph School

We believe in every student's unlimited potential for personal success.

At Randolph School, students can expand their ambition and strengthen their innate abilities because we believe in their unlimited potential for personal success. Randolph students are known, trusted, and understood as they nurture their natural curiosity. They evolve into their confident, true selves through the arts, individualized learning, good citizenship, and honor and integrity.

Unlimited Potential

The Arts

Woven into each grade’s curriculum, the arts influence the intellectual, cultural and creative growth of each Randolph student. Our emphasis on process and expression challenges students to discover their own creative spirits and voices.

Individualized Learning

Knowledge of self is the foundation of education and character. Randolph is committed to supporting the wonder of self-discovery for every student, encouraging an ability and eagerness to ask the right questions and develop the critical thinking and reasoning skills necessary for success.

Good Citizenship

Randolph students recognize that we have a responsibility to share of ourselves for the greater good. We are committed to using our talents to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Honor & Integrity

Character education begins in Kindergarten, and the Honor Code holds every student to a high standard of integrity, one that expects them to tell the truth, respect what belongs to others, complete their own work, and be accountable.

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