Randolph School

Four Schools, One Randolph.

In an environment where it’s safe to take risks, students are fearlessly prepared for a purposeful future. A Randolph education provides students with an intentional, well-rounded foundation for success in four pedagogically appropriate divisions. Students show initiative by exploring independent thought and embracing academic challenges.

Fearless Preparation

Lower School

Children are always learning, wherever they are, and from everyone around them. That’s why we help them cultivate a love for learning, so that they can learn how to think, not what to think.

Beginning in Lower School, our independent program uses the latest brain research and educational studies to construct a curriculum proven to support learning, character education, and personal growth.

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Greengate School

Greengate School at Randolph serves students in grades 1-8 to provide dyslexic students with a specialized program of instruction that meets their individual learning needs, while also offering them a full complement of co-curricular and extracurricular school experiences.

Greengate has educated children with dyslexia and related language-learning differences since 2002.

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Middle School

We challenge our students to be independent in thought and purposeful in life. Our educators nurture our students’ curiosity so that they confidently explore new ideas and uncover their talents.

Our Middle School curriculum is designed to provide a balance of opportunities and foster a joyful learning experience.

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Upper School

Our students are fearlessly prepared by a research-based curriculum guided by top educators and administrators from across the country who are committed to creating an intellectually stimulating environment for each student.

Thinking about and planning for college begins in the 9th grade at Randolph. We have a full-time college counselor who helps all students thoroughly prepare for every aspect of application and selection.

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