Randolph School

At Randolph, relationships matter most. Our excellent faculty provide valuable lessons in and out of the classroom, as teachers, advisors, mentors, coaches, directors and lifelong learners. As an independent school, Randolph charts its own course. We design our curriculum and develop a schedule that best serves our students. Teachers are free to teach and students are free to learn. This autonomy attracts top educators from around the country, creating an intellectually stimulating and diverse environment. Faculty and students enjoy an environment of mutual respect, and our alumni credit their Randolph teachers with giving them the skills and confidence to succeed in college and beyond.


of teachers hold advanced degrees


average years of classroom experience

Prepare for Expertise

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Our teachers continuously work to enhance their skills through a summer grant writing program, professional development conferences and trainings. During the school year, faculty members participate in professional learning days that allow them to connect and learn from their peers. Faculty members lead sessions on a variety of topics like leadership, technology integration and dyslexia simulations to help their colleagues broaden their perspectives and skills.


Randolph partners with several independent school search companies such as Carney Sandoe & Associates and Southern Teachers Agency to attract candidates from across the United States, and even internationally.


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