Randolph School

Mission & History

Seeking Truth. Building Character. Nurturing All.

Randolph School provides a rigorous and well-rounded PK-12 college preparatory education within a nurturing community. Through a commitment to excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics, the School’s program and its faculty demand diligence and discipline while encouraging creativity and discovery. Above all, the School emphasizes honor, integrity, and character so that all in partnership with Randolph are elevated and inspired to enrich their families, communities, the nation, and the world.

Our Roots

In 1959, a group of 20 citizens, led by Mrs. Sharon Barbour Rhett, organized a society to start a private school and founded Randolph School. Randolph started its mission with a handful of elementary classes in a home on Randolph Avenue, the street from which it takes its name. Within a few years, the School relocated to a spacious, 16-acre campus on Drake Avenue. The School’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum and successful alumni rapidly became the pride of the Huntsville business community.

Since those early days, the School has maintained high academic standards in all curricula. Randolph students consistently perform at a high level and excel in academics, the arts, and athletics. After 50 years of success, Randolph opened its second campus on Garth Road. A strategic planning process was implemented by a steering committee of teachers, administrators, trustees, and students to stay on the path for continued growth and development.

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