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Randolph offers the best education in the region, and it's more affordable than you think.

We are delighted you are interested in Randolph School. Investing in an independent school education requires sacrifice and financial planning for all families.


million in tuition assistance provided


of Randolph families pay reduced tuition

Tuition Summary

We strive to keep tuition and fees as low as possible to make a Randolph education affordable. While all families contribute toward the cost of a Randolph education, a careful and secure review process allows Randolph School to offer Tailored Tuition to select families.

Our admission team is more than happy to have a conversation with anyone that has concerns about affording Randolph. Our main goal is to make sure that families whose students meet the admission requirements and want to be a part of our school community aren’t deterred because of the cost.

How Tailored Tuition Works

The goal of Randolph's Tailored Tuition program is to attract quality students, supportive families, and put the possibility of affording a Randolph education within reach. We encourage you read our Tuition FAQs to learn more about Tailored Tuition, how the program is funded, the financial assessment process, and our sincere desire to partner with families. Each case is unique, so please email the Admission Office with questions about how to apply for both admission and Tailored Tuition.

Applying for Tailored Tuition

With Tailored Tuition, a family’s cost is based on a sliding scale from 25 to 100 percent of tuition. Applicants have the option to submit information to a confidential third-party system for a thorough financial assessment. Following that analysis, a tuition recommendation is made and reviewed by our Tailored Tuition Team.

Tailored Tuition offerings are made separately from admissions decisions and based on availability. The application for both should be simultaneous. Early consideration is given to applicants who complete the process by January 15.

FACTS is the new home for our Tailored Tuition application process. If you are interested in a scaled, or Tailored Tuition, the time to apply is as soon as you start the application process for admission. To learn more, you're encouraged to have a conversation with Glynn Below, Director of Admission.

Tailored Tuition Process


Apply to Randolph

  • Create an account with FACTS, a confidential third-party financial information review service.
  • Pay the FACTS application fee.
  • Complete the FACTS application and Parent Financial Statement.

"Randolph did my family a tremendous service by making financial aid available."


"My parents, like so many, assumed they couldn’t afford it. I imagine what my experience would have been like had I enjoyed the school community and challenge of an independent school."


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