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Community Guest Speaker: Dr. Georgene Troseth

Nichols Academic Building - Lecture Hall - 1
Dr. Georgene Troseth, Associate Professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University, will address the topic, "The Vital Role of Parents in the Screen Age." Please register here if you are planning to attend.

Dr. Troseth has published research articles about very young children’s symbolic development and their understanding of pictures and video images as sources of information. She has consulted with Sesame Workshop and the Fred Rogers Company and provided background information for the American Academy of Pediatrics 2016 media recommendations. She has served on a grant review panel for the National Science Foundation and as a consulting editor of the journal Child Development.

Her research has been reviewed in the Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal and has been featured on National Public Radio.

Dr. Troseth says: "My research focuses on young children's symbolic development, including their understanding and use of symbolic or representational artifacts (e.g., pictures, video images, scale models) and of the intent to symbolize.

"My colleagues and I have shown that babies and preschoolers usually learn better from people 'face-to-face' than from the same people on a video screen. Social support, such as asking questions about what's on the screen and making connections to real life, helps very young children learn from screen media.

"Currently, my students and I are looking at how preschoolers' language learning from eBooks can be supported, and what toddlers know about video chat and smartphone photos."