Randolph School

Keep the learning momentum going this summer.

Greengate School at Randolph’s four-week summer reading program works to strengthen language and math skills for children with reading difficulties. The summer program offers daily reading tutorials conducted by specialists trained in Orton-Gillingham instruction, an approach designed for bright children who struggle in reading, spelling and writing. This helps ensure the child doesn’t lose precious academic ground during the long weeks of summer.


Why Participate? 

Studies show that all students experience about a month in learning loss during the summer, and for students with dyslexia, the losses may amount to as much as three months. Weaknesses in memory, processing speed, attention, and language development cause skills to erode more quickly. As a result, students have to spend more time reviewing at the beginning of each school year in order to catch up. Continuing instruction during the summer months can help greatly reduce learning loss.

Who Should Attend?

Students entering grades 1-5 who:

  • have good verbal abilities who struggle in reading, spelling, writing, and/or math
  • need continued summer instruction to ensure maintenance or continued growth of skills
  • can work in a small group setting without major behavioral problems
  • thrive within a multi-sensory instructional environment.


*Note: Children do not need any special testing or learning diagnosis to be eligible to attend the summer reading program, but parents must submit information for review before acceptance and some pre-screening is completed.

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