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Academic Support

Academic Support Program

Aligning with the mission of Randolph School, the Academic Support Program provides access to individual and small group assistance, strategies for learning success, and accommodations for students with documented learning differences. This program is outside of the services offered in the Greengate School division, which is specifically for students with dyslexia, and is available for those in grades K-12.

In order to optimize student learning and support the learning needs of our diverse student community, this program provides help to students through a plan of learning supports and strategies to aid in their academic endeavors at Randolph School while fostering independent learning for a lifetime.

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  • A complete and full psychoeducational evaluation completed by a licensed psychologist, or For Lower School students only, a speech language or occupational therapy evaluation is acceptable. All testing must be current within the last three years, all pages of the evaluation must be submitted and are kept on file in the Learning Specialist’s office.
  • A diagnosis of a learning disability and/or ADHD, or an identified area of significant weakness that impacts cognitive performance. A letter from a doctor is not acceptable.
  • Student performance is not as expected within the Randolph academic framework. This student may or may not have had psychoeducational testing resulting in a diagnosis, but they show below benchmark scores in classroom assessments and/or standardized testing and are in need of intervention.

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