More than 50 years ago, community leaders in Huntsville had a vision for Randolph School. Thanks to their foresight, commitment and generosity, Randolph now offers extraordinary opportunities to almost 1,000 students on two campuses. Through careful planning and fiscal prudence, Randolph has achieved institutional strength in partnership with alumni, parents, faculty and friends of the School. Randolph’s endowment supplements tuition revenue and annual gifts to secure its financial future. A gift planning program ensures Randolph’s continued strength and vitality for generations to come.

The Torch Society

Legacy gifts to Randolph made through estate plans are critical to the long term sustainability of the School. These gifts build the endowment, a perpetual fund whose income provides essential financial support for all aspects of the school. Randolph honors and thanks these visionary donors by extending them membership in the Torch Society.
Legacy gifts can be made through bequests, trusts, retirement plans or other estate gifts.

For more information about making a legacy gift, please contact Beth Corley at 256-799-6198.