Because some of the best learning occurs when students are working to solve real problems, Randolph will enhance opportunities for innovation, creativity and design thinking. Our students live in a community of innovators, and one that is a regional leader in diverse economic development and growth. As the city expands its rich history of research and development into new and exciting areas of biotechnology, energy, skilled manufacturing, and other areas of global innovation, Randolph students have the opportunity to draw on the city’s rich intellectual capital by strengthening our programs and more fully realizing our community as a classroom. Initiatives will include:

• A formalized Upper School internship program
• An integrated approach to computer science
• Expanded curricular and extracurricular opportunities in engineering and design
• Greater insight and exposure to professional opportunities
• Expansion of off-site experiential learning opportunities
• Community engagement opportunities to promote an ethic of altruism, open-mindedness and service