An AD’s Perspective on College Athletics

Rhodes College Athletic Director Mike Clary gave a presentation, “The Path to College Athletics.”
Parents gathered on January 30 to hear from Rhodes College Athletic Director Mike Clary in a presentation, “The Path to College Athletics.” Coach Clary has spent 33 years on the coaching staff of his alma mater, the last 22 as AD. In this presentation, Coach Clary encouraged student athletes to consider a range of college athletic experiences, highlighting the opportunities and distinguishing factors in Division I, II, and III programs. He shared how, for strong students, participation in athletics can be an important factor in gaining admissions to highly competitive schools for which they meet academic standards. He offered great detail on practical aspects of the college athletic arena, including registration with the NCAA Clearinghouse, recruitment tips, and more. His detailed presentation may be viewed in a series of video clips, and a copy of his presentation slides are also available. Most importantly, Coach Clary encouraged parents and students alike to spend time determining what they are truly seeking in a college experience, noting that students from strong schools such as Randolph have excellent opportunities to receive an outstanding college education while fully participating in college athletics.