Healthy Kids, Healthy Choices ... What I Learned

One parent's take on today's session with facilitators from FCD Educational Services
Did you know that parenting is known as the anti drug? Information that we as parents give our children has been shown to be more influential than information they receive from friends, the Internet or tv. This is just one point made by the counselors from FCD Educational Services during a fabulous presentation to a large group of Randolph parents at lunch today. They discussed in detail the social norm theory in regard to high school kids and drinking, the perception of risk for alcohol and drugs, and things we can do as parents to help keep our children safe.
The counselors from FCD have been talking to the Randolph students (grades 7-12) this week about alcohol and drug awareness. Ask your children to talk to you about what they have been discussing. This is a good foundation for dialogue and can open communication for the future.
If you couldn't attend the lunchtime session, I encourage you to go to the evening session in the Upper School Lecture Hall at 6:30 tonight.   ~ Celeste Childs