Erin Bond '18 Receives Blount Academic Elite Scholarship

Erin was one of 8 students in the country to receive this competetive award from the University of Alabama.
Congratulations to Erin Bond! Erin is the recipient of a Blount Academic Elite Scholarship, one of eight in the nation, selected from more than 1,000 applicants who met the criteria for acceptance to the University of Alabama's University Fellows Experience (UFE). Blount scholarships are awarded for four years and include tuition, discounted housing, an annual $8,500 stipend per year, and a $2,000 book scholarship over four years.
The UFE selection committee considers the candidate’s record of impact in the community, leadership achievements, extracurricular activities, and candidate essays. They seek students who they believe will make a difference throughout their lives, and look for evidence of creativity, productivity, community engagement, leadership, and personal growth.
Erin came to Randolph in the 4th grade and says that Randolph gave her a lot of opportunities she wouldn't have had otherwise. She credits her advisor, Michael Treadwell, 9th and 10th Grade Dean, for expanding her interests, helping her develop a broader outlook, and encouraging her get involved with the Youth Leadership Council, where she was in charge of their grants program. Erin was also junior class president and is an accomplished visual artist.
Regional Recruiter Caroline Sassano presented the award to Erin on behalf of the University. Erin's parents, Tracy and Nelson; Mr. Treadwell; her college counselor, Jessica Forinash; and Head of Upper School Ryan Liese, attended the presentation.