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Something to Celebrate

Photo highlights of the week, crowdsourced from Vidigami.
A week of celebrations great and small: finding joy in math, the 8th grade Day of Service (and last Friday’s Upper School Day of Service), 7th grade STEM Day, Dia de los Muertos,  Halloween and the Senior Halloween Parade with their Kindergarten Buddies, and Move-in Day for Under the Christmas Tree.

Many more pictures from these events, and more, can be found in Vidigami. Thanks to everyone who has uploaded photos!
Photo credits: Catherine Beck, Glynn Below, David Brown, Jessica Forinash, Patrick Green, Lori Kantmann, Nichole Knapp, Merrimack Hall, Rebecca Moore, Elaine Poplin, Kelli Proctor, Jennifer Ragsdale, Neil Raiford, Angie Sandman, Linda Schoenrock, Yvette Shannon, Karen Van Bebber, and Connie Voight.