Snapshots of Raider Life

Playing, working, and learning.
Highlights from the past week: Club Fairs in the Middle and Upper Schools, Spanish IV students visited Second Mile Preschool to help Spanish-speaking students get ready for Kindergarten, and everyone is lookin' good for Picture Day.

David Ragsdale, Chair of Music at UAHuntsville, spoke with 8th graders, giving them life advice about following their passions, putting in the work, and taking risks. Dan Meisner, co-founder of 3D Orchard, an open source platform for 3D modeling, helped students in Karen Van Bebber’s Engineering Exploration class work on their Mars equipment prototypes.

Elsewhere on campus, Catherine Beck’s 7th graders applied themselves to chem labs. Jean Tipton’s 3rd graders created video games and enjoyed cooperative math explorations. The football team won their first home game.  Players and cheerleaders were out greeting students this morning on the Drake Campus.

All of these photos can be found in Vidigami, our online community photo archive. faculty, staff, parents and students in Grades 5-12 have been invited to join Vidigami. If you have not yet activated your account, just click here and request a password. You will need to use the same email that is in the online directory. Parents and Upper School students can also upload their own school pictures.