New Faculty and Staff Introductions

We are pleased to welcome the following new faculty and staff members to Randolph for the 2017-18 school year.
"The men and women who work at Randolph are our most valuable and compelling institutional asset, and recruiting and hiring new teachers and staff is among my most important responsibilities," says Head of School Jay Rainey. "I am grateful for the efforts of Jerry Beckman, Deidre Brown, Linda Bryant, Meredith Pearson, and so many others of you in supporting me in that obligation. Randolph’s excellent national reputation allows us to attract highly qualified applicants. I am very proud that so many new colleagues will be joining us in our work with Randolph students this coming year."
Please join us in welcoming these new faculty and staff members to our school in the 2017-18 school year.
Timothy Callicutt (Middle School History)
For the past two years, Timothy has taught secondary social studies at Challenger Middle School. In addition to his teaching duties, he led several faculty committees and sponsored the student government association. Timothy earned a B.S. degree in social science general education from Auburn University. On joining the Randolph faculty, Timothy says, "It has become apparent that I've been invited into a close-knit community. Randolph staff and families have reached out to my fiancée and me with nothing but warm words. I'm excited to be a part of a such a welcoming community - one that places the students at the center of what it does and seeks to stretch them both in and out of academia."
Angela Green (Middle School Theater)
Angela has been part of the Randolph community as Daisy’s mom, Patrick’s wife, and a choreographer for Theatre Randolph and Randolph’s theater summer camps. Angela's strong background in theater led her to the position of adjunct instructor of theater at Calhoun Community College, a guest lecturer in acting at The University of Alabama-Huntsville, and an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of North Alabama. She has taught students from kindergarten through high school age at Dancer’s Incorporated and Birmingham Children’s Theatre. Angela holds a B.S. degree in theater from Troy University and an M.F.A. degree in acting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
"I am excited to join the Randolph Family. I will be teaching Middle School drama as well as directing the 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade plays. I hope to introduce elements of Shakespeare, improv, dance and movement, and theater history. I am excited to work with students in all three divisions choreographing the Upper School musical, Oz. I still act locally and you can see me (and my husband) in Calhoun’s fall production of Comic Potential this September. My husband, Patrick Green, teaches English in the Upper School and our daughter, Daisy, is a Randolph 1st grader. I am eager to get to know all of the Randolph faculty, students and parents."

Mary Jones (Middle School Art)
Mary is certainly a familiar face at Randolph. After 26 years teaching at Randolph, Mary retired in 2013 to spend precious time with her grandchildren. Now that her grandchildren are school age, we are happy to welcome her back to the teaching faculty. Mary has a B.S. degree in education from Auburn University.
"Leaving Randolph after 26 years on the faculty in order to help with the care of my three grandchildren was a very difficult decision. While I would not trade the last four years with them for anything, the decision to return to my beloved Randolph at this time is a joyful one! It is an opportunity that I do not take lightly, and I am as committed as ever to supporting the core values that the founders of our school community built this Randolph upon. It is with deep respect and love for all those individuals and families who have worked so tirelessly to support the School through the years that I return. My belief in the importance and benefits of visual art study and practice for all students has not wavered. My hope is to contribute to the growth and development of students in my care and therefore fulfill the mission of our school through service and commitment to the past, present and future Randolph."

Kelli Proctor (Middle School Spanish)
Kelli Proctor begins her 27th year of teaching in 2017. She taught Spanish for 23 years in the Kent School District in Kent, Wash. and was the World Language Department Leader there for 11 years. Kelli earned a B.A. degree in Spanish from the University of Washington. She was born and raised in Washington State and taught Spanish in the Huntsville City School system for three years after relocating to Huntsville in 2014 with her husband. "I lived as an exchange student in Toluca, Mexico, which inspired me to continue my studies in Spanish and share the Spanish language with others. My husband and I both enjoy vacationing in Mexico and getting to know new places and their history," she says.
"Prior to interviewing at Randolph, I had only heard positive reviews from my neighbors and community members. From the moment I walked through the door until the end of the full day I spent at the School, I felt welcome in the warm and friendly environment. Observing the students in action made me want to join the Randolph family and be a part of this terrific team. Everyone I have met since then has been friendly, helpful and welcoming. I had fun setting up my classroom last week and meeting some of my colleagues. I'm excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to meeting my new students."
Lauren Jones (Upper School Environmental Science)
Lauren’s background as a broadcast meteorologist for the last eight years, the last five at WAFF in Huntsville, has allowed her to gain teaching experience through a variety of non-traditional routes. She shared that the most rewarding parts of her career have been the ones educating, through school talks, one-on-one visits to the TV station, or even just responding to an email asking for a more in-depth discussion about a particular weather phenomenon. Lauren earned a B.S. degree in geoscience with a focus in meteorology and a minor in communication and Spanish from Mississippi State University. "Although television broadcast was my primary role, I was also given the opportunity to go on many school talks and visits, which were some of the most rewarding days I had. I decided to switch careers and teach my passion — environmental science — and am thrilled to be joining the Randolph family this year!"
Meredith McCall (Upper School English)
Meredith comes to Randolph from Greensboro, N.C., where she taught Upper School English (Grade 9) and British Literature (Grade 10) at Westchester Country Day School. Meredith holds a B.A. degree in English from Florida State University and an M.F.A. in English from Middlebury College: The Bread Loaf School of English. "I live for the outdoors, particularly the mountains. I like to joke that I have the heart of an athlete but the physical prowess of a small child. (In truth, the small child might have me beat.) However, I've never let my lack of skill keep me from doing something I love! From running, hiking, climbing and bouldering, to backpacking, international travel, and yes, even jumping out of planes; you name it, I've tried it. Within the classroom, I believe that learning often stems from experience and recognize the ways in which experiences vary from student to student. I am fascinated by the ways in which students interpret, question, reach understanding and derive meaning from significant moments, especially when establishing their places as individuals and members of various communities. I am so excited to work with a school that understands the importance of thinking-centered processes and the value of cross-collaboration between diverse fields of study. Randolph completely won me over, and I am beyond excited to join the Upper School English department this fall!"

Daniel O’Halloran (Upper School Physics)
Dan has worked collaboratively with physics teachers for the past 17 years through Alabama Science in Motion, the focus of which was to provide a student-centered, activity-based approach to learning physics. Dan holds B.S. degrees from Auburn University in secondary education, physics and math, and an M.S. degree in secondary science from University of West Alabama. "After many years of working with physics teachers around the state, I know that it is rare to find schools that provide the range of physics courses offered at Randolph. I am excited by that opportunity. Randolph represents a wonderful environment for teaching, where students are challenged to take an active role in both their community and their education. I look forward to the start of the new school year and getting to know everyone."
Neil H. Raiford (Upper School History)
Last year, Neil served as a substitute teacher at Randolph in various classes, including a long-term assignment in the department he now joins. Prior to that, Neil was on staff at Whitesburg Christian Academy for seven years, where he taught British Literature and two seminars on C. S. Lewis. He also developed and was the lead teacher/coordinator for their Shakespeare at the Academy program. Neil graduated magna cum laude with a B. A. degree in history from Wake Forest University. While at Wake Forest, he was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta (history) honor societies.  In 2002, after a nearly a decade in the financial services industry with Wachovia Bank and Capital One, Neil pursued his true passion by becoming a teacher. He has taught history and English in N.C. and Ala. at a public school and several private schools. His wife, Dr. Karen Raiford, is an OB-GYN with Tennessee Valley OB-GYN. Neil and Karen are the parents of three sons, who attend Randolph. Neil is the author of two books, The 4th North Carolina Cavalry in the Civil War and Shadow: A Cottontail Bomber Crew in World War II, both of which won the Willie Parker Peace History Book Award from the North Carolina Society of Historians. 
Jessica Flanagan (Auxiliary Programs Coordinator)
Jessica Flanagan joins Randolph as Auxiliary Programs Coordinator. She is based in the Business Office, processing accounts payable. Most recently, Jessica was a business teacher at Jemison High School. At Randolph, she looks forward to teaching Money Matters, a weekly 7th grade flex block course on financial literacy. Jessica earned both a B.S. degree and an M.Ed. degree in business and marketing education from Auburn University.  She is married to Nick Flanagan and is a regular at "Friday Night Lights" at Randolph during football season. "I am so excited to be part of the Randolph family. I have had the opportunity to meet many people from the Randolph community over the years, and through those relationships, I have grown to love the School and its commitment to excellence. I look forward to sharing in Randolph’s exciting, student-centered culture and hope to make my contribution by investing in the lives of our students and families."

Internal Changes

Please join us in congratulating the following members of our faculty and staff who will be taking on new or additional responsibilities this year: 

Dylan Bunnell - Interim Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Nick Flanagan - In addition to his current teaching and coaching commitments, Nick will also be the varsity baseball coach
Wright Ward - Wright, a former Upper School history teacher, will be Associate Director of Athletics.
PeggyLee Wright - PeggyLee moves from 6th Grade social studies to a new role as Randolph Connect Program Coordinator.