K-8 Conferences

Student-led parent conferences lead to bow ties, sequins, and confidence!
“He is so excited!” a 1st grade parent said of her son as she and her husband arrived for their student-led parent conferences. Our K-8 students enjoyed preparing for their conferences and took it very seriously.

“It is a celebration of their hard work and an opportunity to reflect on their school year,” said Lower School Head Cindy Shaw. “It’s the first time they can actually see for themselves how far they have come! Student-led conferences offer a safe opportunity for a child to shine and be in charge, some even sported sequins and ties in an effort to look the part!”

“Student-led conferences give our students a chance to prepare to present about their learning, understanding their own strengths and challenges, and to set goals,” remarked Clay Elliott, Head of Middle School. “I spoke to many parents, and they were all thrilled with their child’s progress and poise during the conference. Several talked about how far they had come since last year’s conference.” He added, “More significantly, while many students were nervous going in, afterwards each one expressed how well it went and how proud they were of their performance. These conferences are one of the finest expressions of the student-centered focus here at Randolph.”

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