How to Succeed in Business

Upper School students enjoyed breakfast and career advice.
The Randolph Academic Ambassadors hosted a career exploration breakfast for Upper School students interested in pursuing a career in business or entrepreneurship. Panelists were parents Allen Young (P ’16, ’22), CEO of Kord Technologies Incorporated; and Matt Meyer (P ’22,’25), Managing Partner, Hiley Mazda, VW, Audi.

Guests shared advice and perspectives about their work and their life journeys in the business world and had a lively discussion about the impact of technology on their lives. Here are seven pieces of advice they offered our students:

Do something you're passionate about.

Take informed risks.

Learn how to read a balance sheet. One of the most important things you can do is begin to try to understand finances.

Don't underestimate the importance time-management. Learning how to efficiently use time is critical. You learn every day at Randolph how to prioritize, and you will use that in business courses, as well as is industry.

Don't fight change. If you are able to adapt, you will make great strides. If you're not, you will be left behind.

Understand technology. It's key in all aspects of your business, from day-to-day operations, to communication, to our actual product. It will change constantly. You have to look to the next thing, and keep developing and understanding technology that is cutting edge. You also have to protect your own systems and technology is key to protecting and safeguarding as well.

Work really hard in your 20s. You'll be ahead, and your quality of life moving forward will be better.

The Academic Ambassadors plan to host one more Career Breakfast this year on April 12. Stay tuned for further information regarding the career topic and invited guests.