Acing the ACT

Congratulations to our top scorers on the ACT test!
Congratulations to our top scorers on the ACT test!

The Class of 2017 are at the end of their testing cycle. In our senior class, 36% have scored 30 or better on the ACT Composite, which qualifies them for a full or a 90% scholarship at some of our state universities. Fifteen percent of the senior class have scored 34 or better on the ACT Composite. Five seniors—Nick Bonaker, Coner McFarlin, Ward Pullen, Rachel Rezabek, and Charlotte Tauss—have scored an impressive 35 on the ACT Composite; and Skyler Eastin, Katie Kessler, Eashaa Jampala, Liddy Malone, Neelesh Manadhar, and Roshni Patnayakuni scored 34s.

The junior class is just at the beginning of their testing cycle with already impressive results. Of the 59 members of this class of 96 who have taken the ACT, 17% have already scored 30 or higher on the Composite, and seven percent have scored 34 or higher. Congratulations to Tanuj Alapati, who received a 36 Composite score taking the test for the first time, to Matthew Estopinal, who received a 35 Composite score, and to Spencer Laue and Mahip Kalra (34).

The percentage of students achieving a 30 or higher at Randolph is almost twice the rate achieved by the next-highest scoring school in North Alabama. In 2016, 2.1 million students across the country took the ACT. To receive a 34 Composite score on the ACT is to be in the top .89 percent nationally; a 35 places students in the top .52 percent. Tanuj is among the top 0.1 percent of students to score a 36.