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McMullan '15 is Samford SGA Justice

Samford freshman Reed McMullan '15 tapped for Student Judiciary Council based on his experience with Randolph Honor Council.
Reed McMullan ’15 was sworn in as an SGA Justice at Samford University in May 2016. The Student Judiciary Council, which is the judicial branch of the SGA, hears and reviews student violations of Samford’s Code of Values.

While at Randolph, Reed served on the Upper School Honor Council and was President in his senior year. When other Samford SGA members became aware of his Honor Council background, the Chair of the Honor Code/Pledge Committee asked him to join the committee and their efforts to persuade the Student Senate, Faculty Senate, Board of Trustees and the Administration to establish an Honor Code, something the school has been working on for two years.

Reed will conduct research on other universities' honor policies and practices this summer. In the fall, they will test a pilot program; and then next spring they hope everyone will vote to pass it as University code.