The Greengate Partnership Possibility: Q&A with Rick Baker

Middle School 7-8 Building - 5-8 Middle School Library - 1
Randolph families are encouraged to come hear Rick Baker, who is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Summit School, an outstanding independent school in Winston-Salem, NC. Find online registration here.
The Chair of the Board of Trustees of Summit School in Winston-Salem, NC, Rick was a trustee of Triad Academy, a school similar to Greengate, which served students with dyslexia, when they began discussions about a possible merger with Summit School. Five years later, Rick is still very involved and has generously offered to travel to Huntsville to share their experiences with our community. Rick has experienced this transition from its beginning, and is a tremendous resource for us as we contemplate a similar merger. He has been very gracious to offer to speak with our constituents, to answer your questions and to share his experiences and lessons learned.

Find online registration here.