100th Day of School

January 24 is the 100th day of school, and we're asking you to help us crowdsource photos to celebrate it by uploading yours to this Vidigami album. When complete, all of the photos will be available to view, but we'll select the 100 best to share in a public album. Please consider adding captions to your photos.

On January 24, please help us crowdsource 100 photos of the 100th day of school, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Please upload them to this Vidigami album by the end of the week (January 26).

The album is in Celebrations > 100th Day of School. If your class is doing a 100th Day activity, please post your classroom pix in your regular Vidigami album and then pick your favorite to share over to the 100th Day album. The A-Team will be out snapping pix that day, too, so if you've got something cool going on in class, let us know, or ask a student to take a picture. Thanks!