Program & Philosophy

Myth:Sports builds character.
Truth: Sports only builds character if the coach teaches and models character and encourages its development.
A Message from the Director of Athletics

Today, more than 70% of Randolph students participate in at least one of the School’s 72 athletic teams, where emphasis is put on the following traits:

• Commitment: We encourage our student-athletes to choose commitment over convenience.

• Accountability: The privilege of representing your school on a team carries a daily obligation to self and others.

• Responsibility: Our student-athletes are given a lot of autonomy. Our job as coaches, teachers and parents is to balance this autonomy with an equal amount of responsibility. The privilege of playing sports comes with an equal responsibility to your team, academics, family, and to yourself.

• Discipline: One of the biggest challenges of a coach is to develop discipline. With younger athletes this means teaching them to respect the rules, to put in the work to improve, and to win and lose with grace. From the age of 11-12 years old this should include accepting consequences and developing the self-control and commitment it takes to excel.

• Sacrifice: This is the key ingredient to reaching our full potential. Sacrifice is the hardest of all to teach, not just for the child, but also the parent. Success doesn’t come without sacrifice, and we as coaches and parents have a great platform to teach this together.

Years ago a coach told me the biggest test of character in a person’s life is the four years after he or she graduates from high school – in other words, college.

That observation motivates me every day. I see it as our job in athletics to love, serve and develop your children mentally, physically, socially and emotionally so they are best prepared for the years when they begin their adult lives. I enjoy partnering with our coaches, teachers and parents to make this a positive, character-building experience for all of our student-athletes.

If you are considering Randolph for your child, please feel free to contact us at any time, 256-799-6165 or by email.

Blake Davenport joined Randolph as the Director of Athletics in the summer of 2015. He combines a character-driven and student-centered approach to athletics and education with an entrepreneurial mindset, an inclination toward data-driven decision-making, and a demonstrated vision for long-term athletic program success. You can connect with him on Twitter @BlakeDport.