Visual art courses are woven into each grade at Randolph. Kindergarten students begin by exploring line, shape, color, value, texture and form, the tools through which the language of art develops.

Projects in the general studio classes are multi-faceted, using a variety of media and methods set within an historical or cultural context. Students of all ages engage in conversations about what they see in a work of art, what it might mean to them and how they can personally relate to the images or messages the artist is trying to communicate. A broad range of media- or technique-specific courses are offered in the Upper School at various levels, culminating in the AP Portfolio preparation. Among the resources of the Upper School are a Mac lab for graphic design and a photography studio.

Students and faculty take full advantage of opportunities to show, share and collaborate in community visual arts activities at local, state and global levels, including Panoply, the Bench Project, the Dream Rocket and the Memory Project.

More information about arts curriculum can be found in our online curriculum guide, found under the Academics tab by division.