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The incredible bond, generosity and fortitude of the Raider Nation is unstoppable. Over the years, alumni have supported the School and the Alumni Association with their time, talents, and gifts.  In recent months, many more have jumped on board by following and interacting on social media, attending alumni events, visiting with the School community, donating to the Alumni Fund, sharing ideas via surveys and emails, and volunteering to help grow the Alumni Association.

Check out some of our “Alumni Initiatives”:

• Service Projects:  Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement programs to support the School and the educational experience of existing Randolph students. (i.e.Senior/Alumni Day)
• Social Engagement: Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement social events held on campus, regionally, and nationwide to grow connections amongst the alumni community and the School. (i.e. Alumni/Reunion Weekend)
• Professional Development: Providing alumni with opportunities to plan and implement professional development tools, events, and relationship-building opportunities to support the alumni community. (i.e. Interim, internships/job shadowing, expanding and utilizing tools such as LinkedIn)

So, how can you get involved?

• Serve as a volunteer. Let us know that you would like to help! As the initiatives are established and shared among the alumni community, if it is something that interests you, we invite you to become part of the task force.  
• Support alumni events …and encourage your classmates! Even if you might not be able to volunteer, we encourage you to attend and promote the events on campus such as Alumni & Reunion Weekend and other regional events hosted in your area.
• Show your Raider spirit through the Alumni Fund. Participation in the Alumni Fund is a great way to honor your time here at Randolph. We are committed to increasing our alumni participation and we hope more alumni will join in contributing this year.

Randolph takes great pride in this truly incredible alumni community, and we encourage you to become part of this effort to give back and stay connected to the School.

Contact the Alumni Office to share your ideas and get involved today!
(256) 799-6117