Randolph’s Upper School is an engaging, challenging environment for students in 9th through 12th grade.  We are proud of our rigorous academic program, wide-ranging extracurricular activities, nurturing environment, and culture of trust.

We believe that boundless opportunities create a personal experience for every Upper School student. Those who are successful value their place in a community larger than individual self and choose to make meaningful contributions to the good of the whole.

School leaders and parents work together to form a partnership that supports the balanced growth of every student. In essence, we are called upon to resist the natural temptation to mold students into versions of ourselves and instead seek to help them grow into young men and women ready to make a difference in the world.

As they progress, Upper School students are given the freedom to make choices that best fit their interests. Each student experience is personal, but is defined by opportunities in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Highly competitive teams in Scholars’ Bowl and Science Olympiad and a Senior Capstone Seminar are hallmarks of the program. In Athletics, we offer competitive teams in 11 varsity sports. Many of our athletes participate in two or more seasons each year. Our arts program is highlighted by two major theater productions a year, a band, choir, and a multitude of visual arts courses.

All students value the student-led Honor System and participate in our advisory program. Guest speakers and student programs highlight our weekly Community Time. Finally, our students love the experiential learning opportunities provided each year during Interim.

We hope you take the time to learn more about what Randolph has to offer.

Ryan Liese
Head of Upper School

Portrait of a Graduate

A Randolph graduate:
  • Prizes intellectual curiosity in self and others; thinks independently; is willing to take risks in all arenas of thought and activity.
  • Knows how to learn; seeks and synthesizes multiple perspectives; uses logic, critical analysis, and creativity in solving problems; manages time appropriately.
  • Communicates effectively in writing and speaking.
  • Values collaboration, commitment, and teamwork; exhibits sportsmanship in competitive activities.
  • Shows respect for others; values tolerance; cultivates a global perspective.
  • Demonstrates self-confidence and honesty; accepts responsibility for decisions and actions; challenges others to act with integrity.
  • Responds to adversity with resilience.