Students in the Lower School have many opportunities to explore and pursue special interests in clubs and activities after school. Options include RAP (Randolph Athletic Program) team sports for K-6, the Young Voices Choir, drama, Handchimes, Chess, and LEGO Club.

The life of a Middle School student at Randolph is a rich tapestry woven from a variety of strands. Academics, arts, and athletics form the core while advisory, community time, and the house system add color and depth. A wide array of extra-curricular clubs, such as scrapbooking, sewing, drama, LEGO robotics, Math Team, Future City, and chess club, are offered to provide students the opportunity to round out their middle school experience in a way that suits each individual child.

Upper School clubs are student-initiated and include AHSAA 5A team sports, Echo literary magazine, Science Olympiad, Scholars Bowl, Outdoors Club and Youth Leadership. Advisors play an important role in student life, meeting daily for attendance and announcements and weekly for discussions and activities. The Randolph Upper School Advisory Program provides an open environment for students and teachers to invest mutually in a relationship that promotes the growth of the individual and the enrichment of the community. Advisors, who keep their advisees for all four years of Upper School, act as advocates, mentors and encouragers so that every student is cared for and known.

Community Time—weekly in the Middle and Upper Schools; twice-monthly in Lower—is a time to gather for news and announcements, and guest speakers on topics of personal, local, or international importance. The opportunity to share this time together allows us to connect our community in a very purposeful way.
"Students at Randolph School are provided with the opportunities and support they need to follow their passions. While all students focus time on academic studies, many spend as much time on extracurriculars. With a wide selection of athletic teams, a club for nearly every interest—and the option to create new ones—and a variety of electives to take during the school day, Randolph students find all sorts of interesting ways to spend their time. These activities often lead to connections and relationships with teachers, coaches, and peers. Randolph’s smaller size allows students with wide-ranging interests and diverse backgrounds to get to know each other and become friends. During school and afterwards, activities like sports, academic teams, and community service help Randolph students grow and learn while building relationships and broadening their horizons." - Kevin Byrne ’11. Kevin was a lifer at Randolph, the President of the Honor Council, a member of the National Honor Society, Cum Laude Society and a member of the swim team.