Teachers, coaches and advisors strive to help our students set high expectations, work cooperatively with others, find their passions, and develop the enduring self confidence that comes from engaging with the world and communities around us. Our program encourages intellectual growth and social development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Middle School program is prized by our families for the strong academic grounding and preparation that all students receive. In addition, many facets of our program are designed to provide a balance of opportunities and foster a joyful learning experience:

8Lead Project — This culminating project asks each 8th grader to research a problem in our community and begin creating a solution. It challenges students to synthesize and practice the many skills learned during their Randolph Middle School years. The emphasis placed on initiative and community involvement and the opportunities for real world, practical experience will provide our students with invaluable experience that reflect what the world will expect of them in years to come.

House System — Students are inducted into one of five houses for their entire Middle School experience. The houses give students an opportunity to interact with younger and older students in a fun, spirited environment, while building leadership skills and promoting kindness.

Advisory — Students belong to faculty-led advisory groups of 8-10 students. The time spent together each week is dedicated to social and intellectual growth. Through discussing matters of character or playing a team bonding game, advisory groups become an important part of a student’s support system at school.

Extracurricular Activities — There are many clubs for both 5th and 6th grade students as well as 7th and 8th graders to allow them to explore and flourish in areas outside of the classroom. Some are just for fun, like the book club, others are competitive like the Math Team and Science Olympiad. Several clubs offer service opportunities, including the Habitat Street team and reading pals for younger students.

Athletic Opportunities — Teacher-coaches encourage students in their athletic interests, knowing that a healthy team environment stimulates a child’s development. Most students compete on at least one of our many athletic teams, throughout their middle school years.

School leaders and parents are expected to work together to understand and embrace what is unique in every child, and together we share with our students a commitment to a culture of trust that values integrity and self-discipline above all.

Clay Elliott
Head of Middle School

Portrait of 8th Grader

By the time a child leaves 8th grade, he or she:
  • Understands that learning continues beyond the classroom and is becoming an independent learner.
  • Is striving to become a person of integrity.
  • Is respectful of differences in opinions, culture and personalities.
  • Understands the concepts of inference and analysis.
  • Feels a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community.
  • Is developing resilience by learning to cope with failures and setbacks.
  • Can work collaboratively and considerately.
  • Sustains a love of reading and a sense of curiosity.