Course Catalog

Lower School (K-4)

Students  explore, discover, grow, and stretch within the safe confines of a nurturing classroom. Through a rich and varied curriculum, we seek to help students develop the skills and attributes they need to meet their own goals. Students are encouraged to:

  • think critically and creatively
  • ask the important questions
  • communicate clearly
  • collaborate with classmates
  • set goals and self-evaluate
The importance of good character, the responsibilities of citizenship, and an appreciation of other cultures are woven into the child’s daily life through both planned and spontaneous opportunities for discussion. Value is placed on educating the whole child at Randolph - a commitment made real by a curriculum that invests significant time to art, music, foreign language, and physical education, and uses technology as a tool for learning that is integrated into the curriculum.

Middle School (5-8)

This is the period when students become fully in charge of their own learning. The Middle School program is tailored to the needs of early adolescents and helps students move from the child-centered approach of the Lower School to the college-preparatory emphasis of the Upper School. A mix of rigorous academics and inviting electives provide the framework for students to become more responsible, organized, and focused. A strong advisory system gives each child a teacher-advocate who serves as a mentor and guide regarding academic, social and personal needs. The physical education program and extracurricular athletic teams promote health and fitness, skill development and sportsmanship. Clubs allow students to develop individual interests and talents. Field trips broaden a student’s perspective of the world.

Upper School (9-12)

Purposefulness defines Randolph’s Upper School. Our rigorous academic program, wide-ranging extracurricular activities, nurturing environment, and culture of trust combine to provide our students with the freedom to make choices and take responsibility for their learning.

Program Highlights

  • Interim (K-12)
  • independent research projects
  • 17 AP courses across all disciplines
  • four levels of calculus
  • three different physics classes

Lower School Design Lab

5th grade time travel?