The Randolph IDEA PATH was developed by our faculty across different grade levels and subjects. It shows the steps we take when we are learning. Sometimes we have to retrace our steps. Sometimes we need to work alone, sometimes we need to share our work. True learning is an ongoing process, not a final destination!

The students in Mrs. Beck's 7th & 8th Grade Design Engineering elective use the IDEA PATH in this video. They met many challenges, from constructing rockets as aerospace engineers to designing wind turbines as environmental engineers. They made this video to share the struggles and triumphs they faced during a biomechanical engineering unit on designing, prototyping and 3D printing prosthetic hands.

We Are a Community of Learners

Honor, integrity, and character are the core of Randolph’s culture of high expectations, the ideals that shape the meaningful relationships that matter most, and the cornerstone of the rich experiences that inspire our community of learners. By nurturing natural curiosity and encouraging an ability and eagerness to ask the right questions, we develop the critical thinking and reasoning skills necessary for success in every discipline and endeavor. Unafraid to reach beyond our grasp, Randolph learners embrace opportunity, accept difficulty and disappointment, and interpret failure as a chance for a new start. Well-rounded, life-long learning demands an equal commitment to the wonder of self-discovery for every boy and girl, the power of life-changing relationships with others in our community, and a commitment to the greater good.

Individual Learning

Knowledge of self is the foundation of education and character

Core beliefs:
  • Every child matters
  • Critical thinking includes an eagerness to ask the right questions, to read deeply, to write persuasively, to create imaginatively, and to exercise the will to persevere through to the solution of any challenging problem
  • Solitude spurs self discovery and creativity
  • Self reflection and independent thinking are essential to develop the courage of one’s convictions

Relational Learning

Relationships with others inspire and challenge us to be our best

Core beliefs:
  • All knowledge is connected
  • Collaboration, communication, and demonstrated compassion strengthen our community, widen our perspectives, and advance our mission
  • Trust, freely given and responsibly protected, is the foundation of every relationship that lasts
  • Character is forged in relationships with others and in times of difficulty, disappointment, and accomplishment

Learning for the Greater Good

Our blessings provide a responsibility to share and an opportunity to learn

Core beliefs:
  • All communities are connected
  • Citizenship demands commitment to others
  • The world needs shared sacrifice to address the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • By nurturing all, we are nurtured; by serving others, we build character of the heart and the mind
  • The purpose of education is to make the world a better place for generations to come