Honor & Integrity

“During the Honor Code Orientation in 9th grade, I signed my name, pledging that I would uphold the Honor Code. That moment marked my transition from childhood in the Randolph community to adulthood. Walking by my signature on the wall every day validates the integrity that is the basis for the way I live my life.” - Owen, 11th grade
Many alumni say that living by an Honor Code with integrity at the core was one of the most profoundly satisfying experiences of their years at Randolph.

Honor and integrity underpin the School’s mission. Character education begins in Kindergarten and is woven into the fabric of the Randolph experience. In and out of the classroom, on and off campus, we expect our students to strive to be people of good character.

From the earliest grades, students are challenged to develop an understanding that all choices have consequences and that trust in each other liberates every student to reach for excellence. These core beliefs are the foundation for teaching and learning about character at Randolph. The Honor Code holds every student to a high standard of integrity by making clear that all in our community are expected to tell the truth, complete their own work, and respect what belongs to others.

The relational bond of trust between students and their peers and between students and teachers creates the respectful, safe environment that we enjoy at Randolph, and supports the School’s mission to build character and instill integrity in each of our students.