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The Randolph Board of Trustees and the Head of School Search Committee are pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Dubé as Randolph’s next Head of School, effective July 1, 2020. Adam will join Randolph from Columbia Independent School (CIS) in Columbia, Missouri, where he has served as Head of School since 2013.Randolph New Head of School Adam Dubé

"Adam is an energetic, thoughtful, and effective school leader," describes Marshall Schreeder, Jr., Chairman of the Board. "He is known for his strategic vision, commitment to excellence, impeccable integrity, and strong relationships with students, faculty, parents and school leaders."

Adam holds a B.A. from The University of Missouri and an M.A. in Education Leadership from the highly regarded Klingenstein Center at Columbia University. Adam has extensive independent school experience both domestically and abroad, serving as a teacher, admissions representative, education coordinator, and middle and upper school director, prior to his current role as head of school at CIS. Prior to his career as an educator, Adam served for four years in the United States Marine Corps.

In a letter to the school community, Schreeder shared that in selecting Adam as the next Head of School for Randolph, the Board of Trustees has chosen a leader with a lifelong passion for education and learning. His leadership at CIS is highlighted by a strong emphasis on academic excellence, character development, global perspectives, a robust learning support system, the education of the whole child, and hiring and developing outstanding faculty. Under his leadership, CIS has experienced annual increases in enrollment, the design and funding of a Center for Inspiration, Innovation and Investigation, and an expansion of arts and athletics facilities.

Adam Dubé and his family are excited about the opportunity to make Randolph and Huntsville their home and to quickly become involved in school and community life.

“My family and I are looking forward to joining the Randolph School and the wider Huntsville community,” shares Adam Dubé. “For sixty years, Randolph has shaped the lives of young people to make a difference. With a program that encourages critical thinking and character education, as well as its recent merger with Greengate, Randolph is an education leader. I'm excited to join the passionate and talented faculty and staff, and to partner with them as Randolph inspires others "to enrich their families, communities, the nation, and the world."

This appointment is the culmination of an extensive search process, which began in the fall of 2018.

2020 Vision: Randolph's Strategic Plan

Individualized Learning Experiences

To help each student best fulfill his or her potential, the School will seek to better know and support students’ diverse learning needs and inspire deeper learning.  Initiatives will include: 

  • Learning support teams to ensure that students are best supported academically, emotionally and physically 
  • Learning specialists in each division
  • A network of supplementary support services – specialized instructors, tutors, clinicians, and coaches who help students achieve proficiency or go deeper in their studies, as best meets their individual needs
  • Establishment of a dedicated student learning center 
  • A signature independent learning program, which includes developmentally appropriate research, mentorship and presentation components 
  • Refinements to our middle and upper school schedules to best support classroom learning, independent learning and internship opportunities 

Real-World Challenges

Because some of the best learning occurs when students are working to solve real problems, Randolph will enhance opportunities for innovation, creativity and design thinking.  Our students live in a community of innovators, and one that is a regional leader in diverse economic development and growth.  As the city expands its rich history of research and development into new and exciting areas of biotechnology, energy, light manufacturing, and other areas of global innovation, Randolph students have the opportunity to draw on the city’s rich intellectual capital by strengthening our programs and more fully integrating into our community as a classroom.  Initiatives will include: 

  • A formalized Upper School internship program 
  • An integrated approach to computer science  
  • Expanded curricular and extracurricular opportunities in engineering and design 
  • Greater insight and exposure to professional opportunities
  • Expansion of off-site experiential learning opportunities
  • Community engagement opportunities to promote an ethic of altruism and service

Communicating Value 

How can we best convey the value of a Randolph education? Are we using the most effective methods to communicate? Are we using the right channels?  This goal focuses on the development and implementation of an integrated marketing plan to best articulate and communicate the value of a Randolph education to internal and external constituencies through: 

  • Community partnerships and relationships 
  • New School website 
  • Reimagined use of online and social media platforms 
  • Refined branding, visual identity and messaging 
  • Grassroots marketing efforts 

Campus Master Plan

Taking a long-term look at the needs of current and future generations of students, the campus master plan will address facilities and infrastructure enhancements on the Drake Avenue and Garth Road campuses.  Efforts in support of this work will include 

  • A comprehensive program needs assessment 
  • An updated five-year financial model
  • Adoption of a long-range capital improvement plan 
  • A capital campaign to receive funds needed to support identified campus needs 
  • Construction and enhancement of facilities  
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