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Whether you’re away at college, living across the country, or working and playing right here in Huntsville, you're always a part of the Raider Nation! There are many ways to connect, so we invite you to visit, join, like and interact with us.  While you're at it, keep us posted on where you are and what you're doing by sharing your updates with the School.

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Metamorphoses - The Head of School reflects on the Randolph experience
The K-12 Journey - This school-wide blog sheds light on the The K-12 Journey – Life in a community of learners
Raider’s Digest - The Raider’s Digest is Upper School news by Upper School students.

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Randolph School Alma Mater

Nestled ‘neath the wooded mountains under Southern skies;
Boldly stands our Alma Mater holding standards high.
Strength and courage on her banner, never fear nor fail,
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater; Randolph School, all hail!

Randolph Raiders Ride
Words by Candy Page; Music by Candy Page and Danny Hutson
Arranged by Danny Hutson

We are the Raiders and we’re proud to shout about it.
Our teams are victors, there’s no doubt about it.
See we step up to challenge and we conquer it no question.
Randolph Raiders Ride!
Go Raiders, go Raiders.
Randolph standing strong.
Go Raiders, go Raiders,
Where our hearts belong.
Victory comes to all who say.
Randolph Raiders rule the day.
Shout on high with grateful pride,
Randolph Raiders Ride.
Alumni Spotlight

February 2015

Lillie Brown ’13: Elementary Education, Samford University

Lillie Brown ’13, a sophomore in Elementary Education at Samford University, returned to Randolph in January 2015 to shadow Laura Bernick’s Kindergarten classroom for college course credit and hands-on experience.

What brought you back to Randolph over the holidays?
As part of our studies, we are required complete an observational clinical, so I decided to come back home to Randolph for my “Jan Term” experience with Mrs. Bernick.

What is it like being a teaching in the classroom instead of a student?
It has been a wonderful experience to actually be with the kids in the classroom. In our college courses, we have opportunities to teach each other, but it is very different teaching my peers versus teaching a room full of five-year-olds.

What do you love about teaching Kindergarten students so far?
What I love about Kindergarten is how excited the kids are to come to school every day and learn something new. They have great energy and it is rewarding to watch them grow in their learning.

How has Randolph prepared you for experiences such as this?
The School has shaped me into the person I am today. Randolph not only prepared me well for the academic challenges I face in college, but so much more. Randolph taught me time management, leadership, responsibility, and commitment. Randolph prepared me not only for college but real life situations as well. I would not be where I am today if Randolph had not pushed me, encouraged me, and taught me to chase after my goals to the best of my ability.

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