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Whether you’re away at college, living across the country, or working and playing right here in Huntsville, you're always a part of the Raider Nation! There are many ways to connect, so we invite you to visit, join, like and interact with us.  While you're at it, keep us posted on where you are and what you're doing by sharing your updates with the School.

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Randolph School Alma Mater

Nestled ‘neath the wooded mountains under Southern skies;
Boldly stands our Alma Mater holding standards high.
Strength and courage on her banner, never fear nor fail,
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater; Randolph School, all hail!

Randolph Raiders Ride
Words by Candy Page; Music by Candy Page and Danny Hutson
Arranged by Danny Hutson

We are the Raiders and we’re proud to shout about it.
Our teams are victors, there’s no doubt about it.
See we step up to challenge and we conquer it no question.
Randolph Raiders Ride!
Go Raiders, go Raiders.
Randolph standing strong.
Go Raiders, go Raiders,
Where our hearts belong.
Victory comes to all who say.
Randolph Raiders rule the day.
Shout on high with grateful pride,
Randolph Raiders Ride.
Alumni Spotlight

August/September 2014

Mary Kathryn Martinson '12:
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

What are you up to these days?
I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from SCAD. I also have a strong interest in painting for friends and family, which started when I painted sorority paintings as gifts when they pledged various sororities at different schools all over the country.  I never imagined that this would open up incredible opportunities for me in two short years after I graduated high school.  Painting has always been a big hobby of mine and I never really thought I would be selling my art.  I considered pursing painting as my major at SCAD, but once I started taking classes in graphic design (which I declared my major my first quarter at SCAD), I saw my career path emerge. At the request of the owner of OAR, I did a  bit of freelance work the summer after my freshman year and re-branded the software engineering company.

Tell us about one of your latest adventures
This past summer, my friends and family urged me to get a booth at the Downtown Art Stroll.  This was my first “leap” into the public eye and I enjoyed meeting individuals who were interested in my paintings.  I have done several commissions for large-scale abstract paintings and feel like this is sort of my niche.  My new found “venture” has given me the opportunity to meet people and see their ideas become reality.   In creating commission pieces, it allows me to collaborate with a variety of those searching for just the right painting.  I love being able to see my custom work on a wall in someone’s home.
What do you like most about what you do?
I am thrilled to create something unique for different individuals whether that be complete re-branding for their company or a mantel painting for their home.  I have enjoyed donating several items one of which is for the Huntsville Museum of Art’s upcoming auction.

Where can we see your artwork?
Next time you are in the Upper School, stick your head in Mr. Liese’s office to see my creation and style in person.  You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook at MKM Designs.
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